Belgian Species List

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This resource was created by publishing the backend database of the Belgian Species List website ( This publishing work has been done by the Belgian Biodiversity Platform ( in the framework of the "GBIF award for evaluating checklist publication format" during May 2011. Data extracted by Francis Strobbe on May 27th 2011. Abstract of the Belgian Species List project: Since almost a year now, people of all ages can access the Belgian Species List for an extensive overview of the biodiversity in Belgium. Animals, plants, fungi: you can make your way through a total of more than 32.000 species! The Belgian species list was set up by the RBINS – the research institution behind the Museum of Natural Sciences – in cooperation with different Belgian and international institutions and organizations. The purpose of the species list is to become the online reference in naming and occurrence of species in Belgium, easy to consult in just one website that centralizes and standardizes the information. For every species that's been described, information is given on among other things the conservation status, the distribution, the habitat and much more. More and more species index cards are fitted with pictures and interesting links. The website is aimed at a broad audience: researchers, decision makers, students, journalists, nature conversationists and all nature lovers. Want to know more? Log on to!

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